Over 40's Makeup Lesson's

Over 40's Makeup Lesson's 


As we mature our skin changes are you looking for a way to revamp your makeup skills and feel inspired?

This lesson is targeted for ladies who have worn the same makeup for years and are stuck in a rut and want a new refreshed style. 

Rosie offers a 2 hour intensive individual bespoke or group makeup lesson giving you the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and improve your own makeup skills. Rosie will demo on one side of your face and under her close guidance you get hands-on experience doing your own makeup on the other side. 

Rosie will provide skin care, makeup products and tools advice to suit your own individual needs to help kick-start your new look. You will be provided with a link of all recommended products and a face chart of product placement. 

Get started on revamping your Over 40's  makeup routine.


Begin Your Journey With Mature Makeup

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